(No.9, Vol.6,Nov-Dec 2016 Vietnam Heritage Magazine)

Can you feel as relaxed as you do when watching a good movie or sipping aromatic tea while listening to hypnotizing music…while you’re having your hair done? The answer is, ‘It’s absolutely possible’ at Reagan Beauty Salon (20 Hang Tre St., Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi).

Located on a busy street in an elegant atmosphere, Reagan Beauty Salon, an advocate of customer’s ultimate satisfaction, is dubbed by many ‘a garden for the soul.’   The beauty services include hair styling, skin care, spa and makeup by stylists Reagan (Hong Jong Won) and You Kyung. This South Korean couple has over 20 years of experience and has worked with famous actors and actresses and K Pop idols.
A talented stylist with keen eye for beauty, Reagan shared his thoughts, ‘I think one should dedicate everything to all the details in one’s work, especially in the field of beautifying people’s look. To achieve perfection, a salon has to be able to combine 3 elements: product, technical skills and service quality.’
That’s why all Reagan Beauty Salon customers find it irresistible, distinct, uniquely charming and classy, always promoting moral and humane values which are the powerful, all penetrating message of Hallyu (a South Korean cultural wave). For example, the salon staff has to practice hair washing with their fingertips for two months and pass a test. Only then are they allowed to service the customers. All technical services such as cutting, styling, curling, uncurling, restoring, steaming and dyeing are performed by Reagan or You Kyung directly.
Asked about the salon’s service principles and unique style, Mr. Reagan was very direct, ‘I love Vietnam and Vietnamese people. To be able to work and contribute here is a blessing. So I want to introduce Vietnamese customers to modern salon model of South Korea. In any working environment, the human factor is central. Therefore, before getting trained, my staff must be oriented. They must answer three questions, ‘Do you want to work at a hairstyle salon?’ ‘Why?’ and ‘For what purpose: passion, hobby, ability, or money?’ Next, I help them plan firm steps for the future, teach them moral principles, and then train every one of them in technical skills.
Every hair has its own life cycle, and each customer her own personality. Without precise notice of them, a hairstylist can bring about ‘disaster’. So at Reagan Beauty Salon a trainee should apply hair cure products at least 2 months before moving up to next level. During probation, they have to learn all the rules and manners, from greeting customers, serving tea, to informing customers about anything about to be done, smiling and thanking them. It is both the discipline and the culture of the salon that everyone has to learn and observe before learning anything technical.
With great passion for hair beauty, Reagan has sleepless nights too, ‘I worry about hazardous chemicals in hair cure cosmetics. Many establishments carelessly do hair for pregnant and breast feeding women. Reagan Beauty Salon always refuses to service them, and explains to them that some cosmetic hair cures, organic though they may be, still contain chemicals which can soak through the scalp, enter the blood stream and affect the fetus or the baby.’

A quick interview with Reagan the stylist & CEO

Where does Reagan Beauty Salon place itself in the mind of its customers?
We focus on 3 points that make the distinction: 1. Customer service must be the first priority. Customer’s relaxation is not yet adequately prioritized at other salons in Vietnam. 2. All the staff must be highly professional to make the customers feel comfortable and at ease. 3. The salon only receives 10 first-booked clients every day in order to make sure they get the best possible service and care and feel that it’s worth their money. Using only 100% organic products (extracted from natural products and imported directly from South Korea or Japan) and having over 20 years of experience, I am confident to bring the best hair service of South Korea to Vietnamese customers.

What’s your next plan in mind as a successful professional stylist and CEO of Reagan Beauty Salon?
Reagan Beauty Salon is where I come true my goal to beautify Vietnamese women and uprear Vietnamese professional hairstylist in technique and aesthetics. We’re in discussion with top-notch colleges in Korea over hair & beauty academy, which, I believe, will make a key role in disseminating the essence of Korean beauty in Vietnam.

By Thuy Chinh