(No.3, Vol.6,Apr-May 2016 Vietnam Heritage Magazine)

Photos: Nguyen Thuong Hien

On the 29th of this month, fireworks and music performances will spark the ninth Hue Festival, which is a biennial cultural event with participation of foreign and local art troupes.
The 6-day event will feature shows by 31 art troupes, including those in music programmes from Australia, Denmark, French, Poland, the UK, and the US. Dance groups from Chile, Korea, Russia, Slovakia and Sri Lanka will take stages as well.
Traditional art forms will be on display by Chinese, Colombian, Mexican and Mongolian artists, together with performances by other artists from Russia and Belgium.
The event will turn the former feudal capital city of Hue into a grand stage of multicultural celebration. Besides the shows, visitors get chance to feel Hue in bustling ambiance, with a number of crafts and street performances by both locals and foreign guests.
According to the organizers, a fashion show of ao dai, gala dinner at the Royal Palace at night, and a reenactment of holy rituals of rituals are among the key programmes of this year’s event.

Photos: Nguyen Van Dung