No 3, Vol.11 , October – November 2015

On 28 September, Ho Chi Minh City Museum opened the exhibition of the ‘Collection of Thang Long Royal Citadel’s relics’, with 638 artefacts and over 100 pictures, maps, photographs and documentary films. These are classified under three topics: Introduction to Thang Long – Hanoi and the Thang Long Royal Citadel Heritage site, Building materials of Thang Long Royal Citadel and Thang Long Royal Citadel’s ceramics.

The hall on 1st floor shows the formation and development of Thang Long – Hanoi capital and the Thang Long Royal Citadel excavation on panels of pictures and introductory texts. In the middle, reproductive copies of terra-cotta building materials of the Ly-Tran era, XI-XIV centuries, including roof-top tiles decorated with banyan leaf and phoenix, phoenix heads decorating royal palace roofs, roof-top tiles decorated with asymmetric banyan leaf and phoenixes of the Tran era, etc.

Next is a collection of bricks used in the buildings of Thang Long’s Royal palaces, including some typical stone foundations of the Ly and early Le eras.

The 2nd floor’s hall is the central part of the collection of ‘Thang Long Royal Citadel’s relics’. It includes architectural elements of historical eras of Ly, Tran, Early Le and Mac Dynasties, such as terra-cotta statues of birds of paradise and lions, Tran era lotus roof tiles, Early Le era, XV century yellow and blue enamel-coated pipe roof tiles that form a dragon and XVI century dragon relief bricks of the Mac era. The dragon theme collection is central, representing royal power and prestige. There are also china and ceramic utensils used by royal families of different periods, such as a Ly era lamp base, Tran era emerald enamel ceramics, Tran era stone ink slab in the form of a carp, and many Le era ceramic items. A map system helps see the evolution of Thang Long as a capital city.

The exhibition is a special activity that links together the cultural heritage of the nation.
The exhibition runs till an undetermined date.

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By Khoa Van