(No.6, Vol.6,Aug-Sep 2016 Vietnam Heritage Magazine)


From left: Chairman Ho Chi Minh’s visit to France in 1946. He and the Foreign Affairs Minister and other officials of French government officials salute the National flags of the two countries at Le Bourget Airport, Paris on June 22, 1946 ; Chairman Ho Chi Minh’s visit to France in 1946. Chairman Ho being received by French Prime Minister George Bidault at his office on July 2, 1946

From left: Chairman Ho laying flowers to the Memmorial of Slained Soldiers of the First World War 1914 -1918 ; Chairman Ho Chi Minh and the family of Raymond Aubrac, a French friend of him, at 190 Paris St, Oire Dist., Paris, 1946.

Continuing to prepare for the country’s big events and commemorations in 2016, especially to celebrate the 70th year anniversary of Chairman Ho Chi Minh’s visit to France (1946-2016), with the endorsement of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and in collaboration with related authorities, the Ho Chi Minh Museum is organizing the following activities:

  • Exhibition: Chairman Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnam-France friendship

The exhibition features iconic images about the life and revolutionary legacy of Chairman Ho Chi Minh, about the Vietnam-France friendship and His official visit to the Republic of France in 1946, and about the activities of the Association of Vietnamese in France during the last 100 years. The exhibition will open at Ho Chi Minh Museum on Aug 18, 2016 in Paris, and several other French cities by mid-Sept, 2016.

  • Publishing photobook, Ho Chi Minh related places in France

The book concentrates on places related to Mr Nguyen Ai Quoc’s life, work and activities in France during the 1911, 1917-1923, and 1946 years. Some were visited by Nguyen Ai Quoc very briefly, just for a meeting or conference, but some had been visited by him frequently. Besides the detailed information about the places and the time Nguyen Ai Quoc – Ho Chi Minh – had been there, the book also provides valuable imagery.

  • Publishing Special issue no. 52 of Infomaterials on the topic of Ho Chi Minh and France.
  • Launch of documentary film entitled, ‘Places in France related to Ho Chi Minh – eternal values’

The film ‘Places in France related to Ho Chi Minh – eternal values’ doesn’t follow the chronological order of events related to Chairman Ho Cho Minh’s activities in France. It focuses on presenting the places and relics about and/or related to Ho Chi Minh in a sensible way and the stories and memories that the locals may have about Ho Chi Minh, their attitude toward Him and those relics.
The film also shows the activities of the Vietnamese side, especially of the Vietnamese community in France, and the sympathy and support they received from the French in preserving and promoting the image of Chairman Ho Chi Minh among the people of the two countries.

  • Meeting the witnesses

Ho Chi Minh Museum arranges meetings with the families of the intellectuals who followed Chairman Ho Chi Minh back home in 1946 and their invaluable contributions to Vietnam’s revolution.

  • Exploring and experiencing ‘Hue, the cradle of Chairman Ho Chi Minh’s childhood’

The educational program ‘Hue, the cradle of Chairman Ho Chi Minh’s childhood’ includes activities related to the ‘land of Hue’ in late 19th and early 20thcenturies. Lively illustrated infopannels introducing Hue of the time of His youth, combined experiences of ‘Family culture’ and ‘Learning with a scholar’ in which kids learn to sew, mend, embroider, process harvested rice, make betel quid under the instruction of an artisan, and attend classes where a Confucian scholar teaches them to write basic Chinese characters will give children a clear idea about the traditional cultural values of family in ancient times.
Besides the educational package, the museum also has a separate space for kids to enjoy fun activities and traditional games such as lion dance, bagged race, flag seizing, rope skipping, tug of war, etc.
These physical activities help develop motor skills, coordination, teamwork, friendship and comradeship, and bring fun, relaxation and diversity to a session packed with new information and inspiration.
Time: scheduled from 12 September to 16 September, 2016.
Venue: the outdoor space of Ho Chi Minh Museum.

Ho Chi Minh Museum
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