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Photo: Sea Links Beach Hotel

Vietnam Heritage, October-November 2011 Advertorial — In the golden sunlight among the blazing pitaya farms, and some dozen metres off the sinuous main coconut tree-lined road in the resort capital of Mui Ne in south-central Binh Thuan Province—just minutes away from historic sites and the city’s splendors—there is a masterpiece that juxtaposes architecture and nature, the Sea Links Beach Hotel.
Bringing the highlands sense to the sea-line coast, the five-star hotel offers an unforgettable experience to relax and unwind.
It is astonishment at first sight. Looked at from afar, the building, constructed in the shape of a terraced field, emerges like a unique and chic gem sparkling between the azure sky and the green earth surface.
Perched atop a sand hill, the hotel with its magnificence and grandeur never fails to take even the most demanding guest’s breath away. Every one of the modernly equipped, spacious, elegant 188 rooms, from the Superior to the President Suite, offers guests a panoramic view of the ivory sandy crescent of the peaceful bay of Mui Ne and the 18-hole Sea Links Golf Course, together with the recreation paradise Sea Links Beach Villa, another project in the Sea Links Golf-Hotel-Villa complex.
In addition to a private, exclusive beach, Sea Links Beach Hotel has four palatial landscaped swimming pools that are the envy of many other high-end hotels in Vietnam.
‘You can relax and find things for everyone in the family to do,’ said Michelle Singson, the sales and marketing director. ‘We cater to families. While the father is enjoying his game on our world-class golf course or sweating it out at our well-equipped fitness center, the mother can choose from an array of first-rate treatment in our Spa center, and the children can play at the Kid’s Club, playground or swimming pools.’
It is home away from home. Here one feels the homeyness from the very first moment, at the lobby, in the genuine smiles on the multilingual receptionists, in the sweetness and warmth of the complimentary welcome drink, and in the eagerness of the porter to help not only with the luggage, but also in the functioning of five-star amenities in the room. ‘Don’t forget to turn the bedside switch control to the sleep mode before you go to bed. Any motion will turn the lights on unexpectedly,’ he reminds guests about the automated electronics system.
Where tropical chic meets traditional elegance, Sea Links Beach Hotel enables guests to enjoy modern luxurious facilities amid the wonder of nature. When the back door to the private balcony opens, a strong gust of sea-scented air rushes in, wrapping everything in its invisible but refreshing arms. Two bay laurels are blossoming, hiding the tiny snow-white petals in the shining bushes.
In the tranquility of the maritime night, in the absence of pollution, in the nonexistence of chaos and disorder, the fragrance dominates, scenting the pot of tea on the small table between the two S-shaped rattan deck-chairs.
Just a few metres away, beyond the infinity swimming pools, off the coconut garden, from the East Sea, ocean waves dance the eternal dance of freedom; the wind sings the ever-lasting song of joy as if to lull the sleeping guests and keep company for those still awake.
Nature finds guests wherever they go in this place. Sea Green Restaurant offers all-day dining with the best of East and West, either in the majestic dining hall or in the open air of the terrace with a spectacular view of the ocean and mountains around.
‘Even foreign guests say they didn’t expect something so impressive in Vietnam,’ Ms Singson told Vietnam Heritage magazine. 
‘Our first impressions as we drove in were very positive as the setting is really beautiful. The lobby is vast and has an enormous fish tank that is very cool. Solid windows in the lobby really showcase the gorgeous sea and setting. The staff was very friendly and eager to help. This hotel has fantastic views of the water,’ wrote guest Couchczar, the moniker used by a tourist from Beijing who described her family’s vist to the hotel on the global travel website

Sea Links Beach Hotel
Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan Province
Tel: (062) 2220-088

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