(No.3, Vol.5,May-Jun 2014 Vietnam Heritage Magazine)

Photo: Mường Thanh Nha Trang Hotel

With the tropical sun plunging its glaring self into the waters of Nha Trang Bay, the outlines of a familiar seaside city observed from a new and unaccustomed angle from the floor-to-ceiling windows of my Grand Deluxe Room on the 10th floor of the bright new four-star Mường Thanh Nha Trang Hotel, the view took on the surprising likeness of Greece. The lines of neat, square houses lamed in white with flat roofs and tiny gardens descending from the juicy green hill down the sandy shore with the full city stretching along a 10 km coastline at the distance gradually looked like something one could imagine while reading about a magic music box or old street organ from Andersen fairy tales. After long years of staying in three-four floor houses in the mostly plain terrains of Vietnam, it felt quite thrilling to find oneself observing a bird’s view of charming coastal surroundings both distant – with the endless palm-tree domed esplanade of Tran Phu – and nearby seafront side street full of local colour. As if to strengthen a flying bird feeling in me, there was a picture of a phoenix with its wings spread wide, the symbol of prosperity and sincere hospitality in Vietnamese culture, chosen as the Mường Thanh Hotel information booklet logo. The room’s interior, featuring elegant light walnut furnishing, three beds and separate sitting area with the glass wall of the panoramic window as the background, were no less inspiring and boasted lots of space and natural light to enjoy.
Mường Thanh Hotel chain recently added Nha Trang to its impressive collection, now comprising 19 in operation; from Sapa, Dien Bien Phu and Halong in the north to Vung Tau in the south, all of them being under Vietnamese management. The Mường Thanh brand started from one hotel in Northern Vietnam 17 years ago and gradually expanded into all of the major tourism destinations in the country. A focus on Vietnamese culture and authentic local traditions, together with an aspiration to bring guests as close to the real spirit and inimitable atmosphere of Vietnam as possible, are the main elements that make up the Mường Thanh Hotel chain signature style of hospitality and all of them are built to provide excellent accommodation for a modern comfort travel experience.
The hotel premises are truly expansive, with exquisite four-star accommodations, featuring 255 rooms, ranging from elegant Deluxe overlooking either the vast spaces of the sea or picturesque green hill to sumptuous Club and Presidential suites with an almost 360-degree sea panorama. To ensure the utter comfort and to provide memorable pleasures for guests’ pastime, at the hotel are two restaurants with outstanding local seafood fare and truly Vietnamese cuisine, cosy bar, spa centre with expansive spa-menu and private beach with sun loungers.
The on-spot blue lake of the outdoor swimming pool with an area up to 100 m² on the 4th floor of the hotel is tailored to serve the prime sea vistas’ observatory with the fresh and salty sea breeze blowing tirelessly. The sea sensation doesn’t leave one for a second; wherever you are in the hotel, the sparkling waters of Nha Trang bay are at one’s full view.
Mường Thanh Nha Trang Hotel has everything the most discerning traveller may need for excellent seaside retreat, starting from surrounding vast green spaces and colourful hilly terrain and direct access to the sea with private beach that few hotels in Nha Trang can offer, and major sightseeing sites being within minutes’ drive to the small details and pleasant in-house surprises that make one’s stay truly memorable.

Mường Thanh Nha Trang Hotel
6 Duong Hien Quyen St, Vinh Hoa Ward, Nha Trang,
Khanh Hoa Province
Tel: (058) 355 2468

By Nathalie Sokolovskaya