This book is a collection of Vietnamese fairy tales retold in Russian language by the well known Orientalist and Vietnamese scholar Daria Mishukova. The author of the book “Vietnam. The Land of Dragons and Fairy Descendants” that has been published both in Russian and Vietnamese languges in the last decade. The book “Vietnamese fairy tales retold by Russian orientalists” is an ebook, now avaliable on Litres, the largest online bookstore in Russia. Link to book page: “Vietnamese fairy tales retold by Russian orientalists”

The Vietnamese fairy tales in this new book are presented in an engaging and fascinating way, in a simple and easy to understand language. This will delight young Russian readers and allow them to explore a beautiful, incredibly interesting world, inhabited by dragons and fairies from Vietnamese legends. After each fairy tale there is a section “Notes in the margin”. This Notes section will help sophisticated readers understand more hidden meanings, profound Eastern philosophy of fairy tales they have just read. Depending on the reader’s understanding of Eastern cultures in general and Vietnamese culture in particular, hidden meanings will be discovered in a different height and depth. In the relationship between these Vietnamese fairy tale characters, attentive readers will find strong-rooted patterns of national psychology, which Vietnamese people consistently demonstrate when building business relationships, and often reproduce when solving practical problems. Most of those mind patterns can be applied both when dealing with business partners in Vietnam in particular and in Asia in general. Every month Litres publishes over 2000 new ebooks, the books in bestselling lists of the month will be qualified for audiobook production.